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Possible research projects with me:

1) Asymptotic solutions of the plasmonic eigenvalue problem and applications

take from grant

2) Optical resonances of high-index nanostructures, with applications to all-dielectric nanophotonics and metamaterials

3) A geometric theory of diffraction for wave propagation in phononic and photonic crystals

4) Thermoviscous effects in acoustic metamaterials (with Richard)

4) Skin effects in photonic metamaterials

5) Nonlinear surface advection in electrohydrodynamics (with Demetrios Papagergiou)


this includes the basic shok problem (with Yariv and Frankel); then instabilities to Quincke rotation; similar application in surfactant transport and relations to spontaneous motion of drops and active particles.  

6) Superhydrophobic surfaces (with Ehud Yariv)

Say the lattice problem, singular cut-off of gas, 

7) Nonlinear electrophoresis of bubbles: An experimental puzzle with ramifications on fundamental interfacial science

Oppurtunities for Postdocs. If you are interestedin applying for fellowship to come work with me please see EPSRC, ERC, Royal Society, Newton. Let me know and we can discuss.  

Oppurtunities for PhD. 

Home/Eu studentships. 

UK/EU/International: Imperial college scholarship / Schrodinger 

Oppurtunities for undergraduate

If you want to experience research using asymptotic methods there are UROP projects; 8 weeks; either through mathematics department or TSM CDT from other departments.  

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