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I apply asymptotic analysis to study fundamental problems in engineering and applied physics.

My current work spans a broad spectrum of scientific interests:

  • Nanophotonics: Surface-plasmon resonance of metallic nanoparticles, high-index nanoparticles.

  • Waves in complex media with applications to photonic/phononic crystals and metamaterials.

  • Microhydrodynamics: Superhydrophobic surfaces, drops/bubbles in electric fields, swimming particles.

In the past I worked on the electrokinetic theory of charged microparticles in electrolyte liquids, conductivity of ion-selective nano-channels, colloidal interactions, and nonlinear magnetic diffusion in metallic conductors.​

Openings. There are PhD studentships available so if you are interested in exploiting those small parameters please contact me quickly to increase chances to secure. Similarly, if you are interested to apply for postdoctoral fellowship with me please contact me. A list of open projects is available here.

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